For adults, funerals are our expression of grief and a transition into an unknown future without someone we love. It’s also important for children to be a part of a funeral because these rituals help them gain a better understanding of grief and death.

During a pandemic, when large groups cannot gather or move freely or easily, funerals may need reconsideration. While attending a funeral can have significant value for many, this may not be possible for every family given the circumstances of the present moment.

In order to reconsider what a funeral is and can be during a pandemic, we can look to its foundational elements. If a public funeral is not possible for a loved one, or if an entire family cannot gather, that does not mean a funeral cannot occur once, twice, or multiple times in multiple locations.

This is a brief guide to help ensure that you and the children in your lives have the opportunity to acknowledge and mourn the passing of the loved one you have lost.