(Left-Right): Kim Lander (Hospice Quinte Board Treasurer), Janice Coulter (Hospice Quinte Board Secretary), Bill MacKay (Hospice Quinte Board President) and Darcey French (Hospice Quinte Past President).

Hospice Quinte warmly welcomed individuals from across the Quinte region at their 2018-2019 Annual General Meeting, last night at The Banquet Centre in Belleville.

Following the general business portion of the meeting, Hospice Quinte Board Treasurer, Kim Lander, presented Hospice Quinte volunteers, Debbie Brennan, Monica Anderson, Gail & Paul Bernard, Cathie Price, Joe Shunock and Diane McKay, each with a Community Spirit Award in recognition of their ongoing support and dedication to Hospice Quinte.

(Left-Right): Jan MacInnes (Visiting Services Coordinator) and Diane McKay (Community Spirit Award Winner and Hospice Quinte Volunteer)

Hospice Quinte members, officials and members of the general public were also provided with an update on the organization’s Heart & Home Building Campaign, from Hospice Quinte Executive Director, Jennifer May-Anderson, and Campaign Co-Chair, John Williams.

John Williams (Heart & Home Building Campaign Co-Chair)

“Over the past year we have been working so hard to bring the dream of a six-bed Hospice Quinte Care Centre closer to reality”, said May-Anderson. “I’m very pleased to share, that with the diligent work of our architects and project manager, our plans for the project are moving toward final approval from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.”

A keynote presentation showcasing the progress of the Hospice Quinte Care Centre building project was also given by Paul Sapounzi and Deb Westman of +VG, the architectural firm that created the design of the new hospice palliative care centre that will reside on Old Highway 2 in Bayside.

Paul Sapounzi of +VG

Design inspiration for +VG’s vision of the interior of the new Hospice Quinte Care Centre.

“The entire resident experience is all based around the freedom to do as many activities and to engage as much of their family as possible through these facilities, as well as to provide comfort, privacy and security,” says Sapounzi. “Having said that, we know that all of this dovetails into the community experience at large, and what we do for you here and what you do for yourselves here, is your giving back to the community and to the memories of these families,” he adds.

The Hospice Quinte Board of Directors elected Bill MacKay, as its new President, Stan Dafoe as Vice President, Janice Coulter returning as Secretary and Kim Lander returning as Treasurer. It was also announced that past Board Vice President, Michael Piercy, would be retiring from the board, and was presented with an award for his dedicated service to the organization.

To obtain a copy of Hospice Quinte’s 2018-2019 Annual Report, please contact Lisa McMurter, Outreach & Communications Coordinator, at 613-966-6610 ext. 221 or lisam@hospicequinte.ca.


“The care of the dying demands all that we can do to enable patients to live until they die.”

–Dame Cicely Saunders