visiting volunteers graduates november 2019

A graduation celebration was recently held to welcome and congratulate the individuals who successfully completed Hospice Quinte’s 10-week Visiting Volunteer training program for new candidates.

Fourteen individuals have joined Hospice Quinte’s incredible team of visiting volunteers, including Hayley Blakeley, Christina Brinklow, Juliet deWal, Catherine Gichengo, Linda Jenkins, Mary Louchez, Brian MacLellan, Anne McIntosh, Teri Meeks, Danielle Roswell, Jane Powell, Anne Muhia, Larry Thompson and Jennifer Weinstein.

Hospice services in Ontario are provided primarily in the homes of clients. Since the early 90’s, hospices have invested considerable time, expertise and energy into training volunteers to meet the incredible variety of challenges posed by providing end of life care in the home. A standardized training curriculum became an essential component in ensuring quality hospice palliative care by volunteers throughout Ontario. This training curriculum, developed by Hospice Palliative Care of Ontario, enables all hospice volunteer programs in the province, regardless of size or location, to achieve the same standard with respect to volunteer training.

Topics that are covered during the 10-week training program include, Introduction to Hospice Quinte & Hospice Palliative Care, the Role of the Volunteer, Communication, Spirituality, Grief & Bereavement, Body Mechanics, Palliative Illnesses, Comfort Measures, Infection Prevention & Control, and Advance Directives.

“I personally think it takes a very special kind of person to take on the role of a Visiting Volunteer,” says Executive Director, Jennifer May-Anderson. “I have the pleasure of hearing the praise and touching stories of the impact these volunteers make in the lives of the patients we serve and their family members. Our Visiting Volunteers are critical to our mission, and I’m very excited to welcome these new graduates to the Hospice Quinte family.”

If you or someone you know are interested in joining Hospice Quinte as a Visiting Volunteer, please click here.


“The care of the dying demands all that we can do to enable patients to live until they die.”

–Dame Cicely Saunders