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Caregiver Support

In spite of its rewards, being a caregiver to someone who is terminally ill can be demanding and stressful.  Even if you feel alone, you aren’t.  Many other people are going through the same thing you are.  No matter how much you love the person you are caring for, you need regular breaks from caregiving. Caring nonstop can take a toll on your physical, mental and emotional health.

Joining Hospice Quinte’s Caregiver support group can help get you out of the house on a regular basis and prevent isolation.  It also puts you in touch with other caregivers who know what you are going through.  Groups are held at the Hospice Quinte office in the Bayview Mall in Belleville.

Topics covered include: coming to terms with what is happening, caring for yourself, building support networks, and giving physical care.

This group offers support and comfort to individuals who are caring for loved ones with a life threatening illness. Many caregivers need a place where they can freely express their feelings, concerns, and challenges in a safe and confidential environment. This program offers a place for you and others to receive this vital support.

There is no charge to attend these support groups, but you must register in advance.

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Are you caring for someone who is terminally ill?

You may qualify for our services.

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Caregiving often calls us to lean into love we didn’t know possible.


“The care of the dying demands all that we can do to enable patients to live until they die.”

–Dame Cicely Saunders