Event Volunteers

Our event and fundraising volunteers have a desire to help out with a variety of fundraising and community events (such as our gala, hike, and Memorial Trees) throughout the year to help Hospice Quinte fund our visiting hospice and bereavement support programs.

These volunteers perform a variety of tasks related to events. They can volunteer for a chosen event, or at several during the year. These volunteers are an invaluable part of Hospice Quinte’s ability to provide free services in our area.

Hospice Quinte event and fundraising volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and not have experienced a significant loss (such as death, divorce, or loss of job or home) in the last year. Volunteers will have to complete an application form, screening process, and provide a criminal record check. Volunteering at Hospice Quinte events is both rewarding and uplifting.

The first step to becoming a Hospice Quinte Event and Fundraising Volunteer is to complete our Volunteer Application Form below, or contact our offices directly at 613-966-6610.

Hospice Quinte Volunteers
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