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Learn More About Hospice Quinte and Hospice Palliative Care

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Changing Lives Podcast

Changing Lives Podcast

Hospice Quinte’s weekly podcast about hospice palliative care issues, end-of-life care, and the work we do in our region

Hospice Quinte Publications

Hospice Quinte Publications

Annual reports, brochures, and other publications from Hospice Quinte

Helpful Links

Helpful Links

Links to other online resources for patients, caregivers, and the bereaved

Speaking Requests

Speaking Requests

Request someone to speak to your group, business, or organization about Hospice Quinte and hospice palliative care

Latest Updates

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2019

World Hospice and Palliative Care Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday in October, with the purpose of raising awareness and understanding of what is happening in the hospice and palliative care sector around the world. This year, World Hospice and Palliative Care Day celebrations will take place on October 12th, with the theme Palliative Care: it's "My Care, My Right.". Learn more in this week's Changing Lives Podcast.

The Hospice Quinte Care Centre

For over 10 years, Hospice Quinte has been planning to expand our services and address the need for a community-based Hospice Quinte Care Centre within our service area. The need is now urgent, and the time is right. Learn more about the Heart & Home Building Campaign and the new Hospice Quinte Care Centre in this week's Changing Lives Podcast.

Volunteering at Hospice Quinte

Volunteers are truly the lifeblood of Hospice Quinte. They are trained, compassionate, and dedicated as they help us to serve the residents of our community. Learn more about the importance of our volunteers, and the different volunteer opportunities available at Hospice Quinte, in this week's Changing Lives Podcast.

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“The care of the dying demands all that we can do to enable patients to live until they die.”

–Dame Cicely Saunders