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Tips for Caregivers

September 20th, 2021|

According to Statistics Canada, in 2018 an estimated 25 percent of the population provided some form of long-term caregiving to a loved one. As those with illness face multiple losses and grief, and adjustments to a different life routine, so do caregivers. Caregivers may face losses such as the loss of a job, broken or challenging relationships, and having to learn to adjust to new caregiving routines and skills. Caregiving is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding, yet demanding, jobs a person will ever have. Listen to this week's podcast for some tips to help ease the burden of caregiving.

Healthy Aging and Advance Care Planning

September 13th, 2021|

September is Healthy Aging Month. Healthy Aging Month was created to empower people over the age of 45 to take charge of their lives, their health, and their passions. This is not just about eating right and getting exercise. It is also about planning ahead. This includes planning for your end of life care. It can be hard to do, but creating an Advance Care Plan could save you and your loved one’s stress and time should you develop a palliative illness or become unexpectedly incapacitated. Learn more about healthy aging and advance care planning in this week's podast.

Death Doulas Provide Comfort at End of Life

August 23rd, 2021|

Just as a birth doula advocates for and cares for mothers in their pregnancy and birth journey, death doulas advocate for and care for the dying in their final days and death journey. While the health care team attends to needs of the body, a death doula attends to the needs of the spirit and mind, and to the practical needs of both the client and their loved ones.

Guilt and Caregiving

July 26th, 2021|

At Hospice Quinte we meet, and talk to, a lot of people who have become family caregivers for loved ones who are facing a terminal illness. We hear a lot of stories and many of these involve emotions such as sadness, hope, exhaustion, happiness, grace, despair, longing, love, and even anger. Yet, perhaps, the common emotion we hear about is guilt.


“The care of the dying demands all that we can do to enable patients to live until they die.”

–Dame Cicely Saunders

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