Hospice Quinte changes the lives of the terminally ill, their families, and the bereaved for the better by providing individuals, their families, and caregivers with compassionate end of life care, by attending to their physical, psychosocial, and practical needs, and offering empathetic care to those who are grieving.

All Hospice Quinte programs and services are provided at no charge by compassionate and well-trained staff and volunteers.

Our service area includes Quinte West, Belleville, Tyendinaga Township, Deseronto, and the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

We believe everyone in the Quinte Region, and their loved ones, should be provided with compassionate care, in the setting of their choice, and have their end of life journey treated with empathy and respect.

Our Services

  • Hospice Residence Services in the Stan Klemencic Care Centre
  • In-Home Hospice Visiting Services
  • Caregiver Support
  • Bereavement Support

Hospice Residence Services

Hospice Quinte understands that those who are facing end-of-life and their families and loved ones need support.  We can care for people in the last three months of life at the Stan Klemencic Care Centre.

The centre is located at 1244 Old Highway 2, Belleville.  The care centre features six suites for people requiring end-of-life care.  Residents will be supported 24/7 by a specialized team of nurses and personal support workers, assisted by physicians, volunteers, and a variety of other staff.  A wide range of equipment is available in the facility to ensure safe and comfortable care is provided during these special moments.  The hospice facility is designed to accommodate smudging ceremonies, meal preparations, family meetings, and more.  There is no cost to the services provided.

Anyone can inquire about hospice residence services.  Admission is coordinated through Home and Community Care Support Services South East.

In-Home Hospice Visiting Services

Hospice Quinte understands that those who are facing end-of-life and their families and loved ones need support.  We match people who are in the last 12 months of life, or the terminal phase of a life-limiting illness, with a specially trained hospice volunteer.  Volunteers help to improve the quality of life for the dying person and act as an important support for the family during a difficult time by visiting for up to four hours a week with someone who is terminally ill. This provides respite to that person’s caregivers so they can attend to their own needs. Visits take place in homes, hospitals, and long-term care facilities.  A visiting hospice volunteer can fill the gap between family members and professional caregivers

In-Home Visiting Hospice Volunteers support the emotional, psychological, spiritual, practical, and social needs of a person dying at home and their family. With deep compassion and without judgement, they provide a safe space for the client to express their feelings and share their story.

Caregiver Support

Hospice Quinte offers two caregiver support programs –  Caregiver Companionship and Caregiver Supportive Counseling.

Caregiver Companionship

Caregiver Companionship is available for individuals who are 18 years or older, living in our service area, and are caring for a loved one with a terminal illness.  After an assessment, and if eligible, you will be matched with a trained volunteer for weekly supportive telephone calls.

This service is offered by our Hospice Quinte volunteers. Volunteers are appropriately trained and matched with individuals to deliver excellent Caregiver Companionship and support.

Caregiver Companionship will be provided by a Hospice Quinte volunteer for up to 12 months while you are caring for your loved one.

Caregiver Supportive Counseling

Hospice Quinte is pleased to offer compassionate and confidential Supportive Caregiver Counselling to individuals 18 years of age and over who are caring for a loved one with a terminal illness.

Each caregiver’s needs will be assessed and after a series of three supportive telephone counseling sessions they are matched with a trained volunteer.  This volunteer “Caregiver Companion” will offer weekly supportive phone calls for up to 12 months.

Bereavement Support

Grief Toolbox Bereavement Support Groups

Hospice Quinte’s “Grief Toolbox” bereavement support groups provide education and peer support for individuals who have lost a loved one.  Groups are offered at select times throughout the year for people 18 years of age and older who have suffered a loss more than three months ago, but no longer than three years ago.

Hospice Quinte’s bereavement support group exists to equip the bereaved with tools, resources and strategies to help them learn how to live with their grief. Group members are guaranteed a safe, confidential and judgement-free space to receive support. Most importantly, members will have the opportunity to start the healing process by sharing their own story and hearing the stories of other group members.

Some of the topics that are covered over the eight weeks of Hospice Quinte’s bereavement support groups include: understanding the grief process, coping skills to help you through the toughest days of your grief journey, self-care, discovering new traditions and ways to keep lost loved one’s present, and finding meaning after loss.  Each week’s 2-hour discussion focuses on a specific theme, provides tools for positive coping and encourages group members to make self-discoveries about their own grief journey.

Meeting with others weekly who are in the same situation offers members a new positive task to add to their routine, a break from the “outside world” and from those who don’t seem to completely understand.

After completing Hospice Quinte’s eight-week bereavement support group, members report feeling more encouragement and optimism moving forward. They feel more confident managing and navigating their grief journey because of the tools they have been given in the group.