Hospice Quinte changes the lives of the terminally ill, their families, and the bereaved for the better by providing individuals, their families, and caregivers with compassionate end of life care, by attending to their physical, psychosocial, and practical needs, and offering empathetic care to those who are grieving.

All Hospice Quinte programs and services are provided at no charge by compassionate and well-trained staff and volunteers.

Our service area includes Quinte West, Belleville, Tyendinaga Township, Deseronto, and the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

We believe everyone in the Quinte Region, and their loved ones, should be provided with compassionate care, in the setting of their choice, and have their end of life journey treated with empathy and respect.

Grief Toolbox Bereavement Support Groups

Hospice Quinte’s “Grief Toolbox” bereavement support groups provide education and peer support for individuals who have lost a loved one.  Groups are offered at select times throughout the year for people 18 years of age and older who have suffered a loss more than three months ago, but no longer than three years ago.

Hospice Quinte’s bereavement support group exists to equip the bereaved with tools, resources and strategies to help them learn how to live with their grief. Group members are guaranteed a safe, confidential and judgement-free space to receive support. Most importantly, members will have the opportunity to start the healing process by sharing their own story and hearing the stories of other group members.

Some of the topics that are covered over the eight weeks of Hospice Quinte’s bereavement support groups include: understanding the grief process, coping skills to help you through the toughest days of your grief journey, self-care, discovering new traditions and ways to keep lost loved one’s present, and finding meaning after loss.  Each week’s 2-hour discussion focuses on a specific theme, provides tools for positive coping and encourages group members to make self-discoveries about their own grief journey.

Meeting with others weekly who are in the same situation offers members a new positive task to add to their routine, a break from the “outside world” and from those who don’t seem to completely understand.

After completing Hospice Quinte’s eight-week bereavement support group, members report feeling more encouragement and optimism moving forward. They feel more confident managing and navigating their grief journey because of the tools they have been given in the group.