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John Williams Legacy Brings Hospice Quinte Closer To Goal

John Williams’ Family (pictured left to right): Brad Williams, Heather Williams and Ryan Williams.

The legendary legacy of John Williams, former Mayor of Quinte West, continues to be instrumental in helping Hospice Quinte reach its $9.5M fundraising goal in support of building a new community hospice care centre.

In May 2019, Hospice Quinte’s Heart & Home Building Campaign officially launched with a special announcement from campaign Co-Chairs, John Williams and Ross McDougall (former Mayor of Belleville), that each would be pledging $100,000 to kick start the project.

“When you understand how important hospice is to people at the end-of-life, we feel that in this area we should have a facility,” said the late John Williams during last year’s campaign launch. “Ross and I believe very strongly in that, and in order to show our interest and make sure that it happens, we’ve committed to a donation today.”

On Tuesday, members of the Williams family gathered at the Best Western Hotel in Belleville to proudly present Hospice Quinte with a donation of $152,500 in honour of John. This donation includes the $100,000 initially pledged by John in 2019 plus an additional $52,500 in memorial donations pledged by loving family and friends in his honour.

“There is no question of the need for a Hospice Quinte Care Centre in our community,” says John’s son Ryan Williams. “Dad felt this wholeheartedly, especially at his end of life, when he was in fact in hospice care. He knew we needed a community-based centre to support the Bay of Quinte region, as he often thought regionally,” he adds. “We are very happy to be able to continue to support the Heart & Home Building Campaign in his memory.”

Additionally, John’s son, Brad Williams, has joined Hospice Quinte as an official member of the Capital Cabinet for the campaign, embracing both the importance of the cause and his father’s legacy.

“The Heart & Home Building Campaign was very important to my father, and I am so glad we can continue to support this initiative. I truly believe that hospice care made Dad’s last weeks worth living,” says Brad Williams. “I thought I knew how important hospice care and hospice care workers are, however, I don’t think you can truly appreciate the value of this service until you live through it. I would like to thank all of the health care professionals that helped our family through our very difficult time. The home care nurses, Michelle and Bree, Dr. Glen Griffin, Dr. Iris Noland, and the entire Hospice Quinte team. Without your support and delicate handling of Dad’s final weeks, our hearts and minds would not be at peace. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Donning her infectious smile, John’s wife Heather Williams shared a heartfelt thanks as well. “Our whole family is extremely honoured that so many donations were made to Hospice Quinte in John’s name for the Heart and Home Building Campaign,” says Williams. “This was a cause very close to John’s heart and we experienced first-hand how important this is for families!”

Hospice Quinte recently completed the public tendering phase of its future building project on May 21 and is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Health before the construction phase can commence. The organization anticipates construction will begin this summer and will be proceeding with an official groundbreaking ceremony once physical distancing restrictions have been lifted appropriately.

The Hospice Quinte Care Centre is slated to open its doors in Spring 2021 and will provide no-cost, 24/7 care by a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team of physicians and allied health care providers who will focus on pain management and providing the greatest quality of life possible for those nearing end of life.

To learn more about the Heart & Home Building Campaign or the Hospice Quinte Care Centre, please click here.